DHD 350 Down-The-Hole Drilling Tools for Mining and Water Well Drilling

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5 inch DTH Hammer DHD350 QL50 COP54 M50 SD5 dth drilling hammer for rock water well drilling



DHD380 DTH down the hole Button Bits

DHD 350 Down-The-Hole Drilling Tools for Mining and Water Well Drilling

Basic Info.
KeywordsHydraulic Pressusre Pile Driver
MaterialHigh Manganese Steel
Application IndustryOre Mining
Diameter3 3/4"~30"
Bit TypeMisson/DHD/Ql/SD
ColorYellow,Black, Customized
AdvantageHigh Performance
Transport PackagePly-Wooden Cases for Exporting
HS Code8207509000
Production Capacity5000 Pieces/Month

Wholesales Down The Hole Low/High Air/Pressure 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" DTH bit /DTH hammer 


Construction machinery parts 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" DHD/Ql/Cop/Misson/SD DTH Hammer and DTH steel Bits for Mining/Water well Drilling 

Our tools are widely used in different drilling applications including mining,quarrying, water well drilling, geotechnical industries and etc.

In DTH drilling, the rock drilling bit is a continuation of the shank, which the rock drill piston strikes directly. Since the piston is in direct contact with the drill bit, little energy is lost. This gives DTH drilling a nearly constant penetration rate regardless of hole length.

DTH Hammer Types coverage:  DHD/COP/HD/IR/TD/COPROD/QL/SD/Mission/Numa/Mach etc.

Roschen DTH Hammer Technical Parameters
Hammer Size(inch)Bit ShankConnection ThreadSuitable bitWorking pressureAir consumption
1-3"BR1RD40 box¢64-¢76mm0.7-1.75Mpa0.7Mpa 4.5m3/min 1.0Mpa 4m3/min
BR2RD50 box¢70-¢90mm0.7-1.75Mpa1.4Mpa 5m3/min
BR3API 2 3/8" Reg¢90-¢110mm0.7-1.75Mpa
3"DHD3.5API 2 3/8"Reg¢90-¢110mm1.0-1.5Mpa1.0Mpa 4.5m3/min 1.5Mpa 9m3/min
4"DHD340API 2 3/8"Reg¢105-¢130mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0Mpa 6m3/min 1.8Mpa 10m3/min 2.4Mpa 15m3/min
6"DHD350API 4 1/2"Reg¢200-¢279mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0Mpa 15m3/min 1.8Mpa 26m3/min 2.4Mpa 34m3/min
8"DHD380API 4 1/2"Reg¢200-¢279mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0Mpa 15m3/min 1.8Mpa 26m3/min 2.4Mpa 34m3/min
10"SD10API 6 5/8"Reg¢254-¢330mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0Mpa 22m3/min 1.8Mpa 40m3/min 2.4Mpa 55m3/min
12"DHD1120API 6 5/8"Reg¢305-¢381mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0Mpa 30m3/min 1.8Mpa 56m3/min 2.4Mpa 78m3/min
15"ROS 150API 6 5/8"Reg¢530mm-¢660mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
24"ROS 240API 6 5/8"Reg¢775mm1.0-2.5Mpa1.0-2.5Mpa
Any Spline is available
API Thread, Metzke, Remet thread is available!
Any special size of DTH bits will be available by requests.

DTH Bit Size range: 2"-32"(76-775mm)

1. High air pressure DTH hammer size from 3" to 12"(76mm-304mm)


2. Shank types including COP, QL,DHD, MISSION,HD,IR, SD,TD, etc.

3. Connect Thread : API 2 3/8" , API 3 1/2 , Reg-6 5/8"Reg etc.

4. Low air pressure DTH hammer includes CR series: CR90, CR110, CR150, etc.

5. Middle air pressure DTH hammer includes CBR series: CBR1, CBR2, CBR3, etc.

Why choose King Kong down the hole DTH hammer drilling tools ?

King Kong drilling tools are with more high cost effective! 

High grade tungsten carbide inserts

DTH Button Bit bodies manufactured from high grade steel and processed using state-of-the-art CNC machinery and heat treatment

Our hammer and drills  :

For Quartz sandstone,  it can drill 70 to 80m deep;

For Iron ore, copper ore, metal ore, basalt, etc, it can drill 700 to 800 m deep;

For limestone, it can drill 2000 to 3000 meters deep;

For coal mine, it can drill  over 4000 meters . 

Depending on the geology, we can improve the performance by about 30%

Roschen DTH Hammer, Bits can compete Sandvik, our products are more high cost effective; 

Comparing with the second best Atlas Copco in the world, ours is absolutely superior to theirs.


Product Overview

The characteristics of High Air pressure DTH Hammer with foot valve

Valve air distribution, more reliable. 

Simple design of the poston, long life. 

More Efficient energy transfer, faster drilling speed, lower air consumption and low oil consumption.

Fewer internal parts, simple structure, longer life, less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat treated.

Easy to disassemble because the top sub, the drive chuck and the external cylinder are connected by multi-step thread.


The characteristics of High Air pressure DTH Hammer without  foot valve

Out of the trouble of foot valve fracture and expansion and contraction.

Lower energy consumption and higer impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15% to 30% higher than the one with foot valve. 

Simple structure, reliable parts, long life, easy and cheap maintenance. 

Lower air and oil consumption. The oil consumption is about 10% lower than the one with foot valve.


Carbide button shape selection:

1. Domed/Round Button Domed/Round Buttons are usually used as gauge buttons of DTH Bits, suitable for every abrasive and very hard formations.

2. Parabolic/Semi-Ballistic Buttons Parabolic Buttons are usually used as gauge buttons and front buttons of DTH Bits, suitable for medium abrasive and hard formations.

3. Ballistic Button Ballistic Buttons are usually used as front buttons of DTH Bits, suitable for medium abrasive and mesium hard formations. They can also be used as gauge buttons if the rock is soft.

4. Sharp Button Sharp Buttons are usually used as front buttons of DTH Bits for soft formations where fast penetration rates are possible.

5. Flat Button Flat buttons are usually used as protection buttons to reduce wear on rubbing surfaces of DTH bits.


We specialize in research and manufacture of rock drilling machinery and pneumatic tools in Germany, USA, China. Our factory has rich scientific research and production experience, using the raw materials, advanced production technology and rigorous testing methods, to produce products with superior performance and stable and reliable quality. Our ROSCHEN rock drilling and pneumatic series products enjoy great popularity due to their superior performance, stable and reliable quality. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Russia,Brazil, Australia ,Africa, South America, Africa, East Asia(Japan/ South Korea) etc.


It covers an area of 60000 square meters. Its production plant covers 45000 square meters. It has nearly 100 employees, 36 engineers and technicians, and 15 senior engineers. There are nearly 600 sets of professional equipment for research, manufacture and testing of rock drilling machinery and pneumatic tools. Our factory develops and manufactures the most advanced high / low air pressure DTH and bits, reverse circulation hammer and bit, top hammer drill bit, casing drilling systems, drill pipes and rods etc. It is widely used in earthwork engineering, mining, water well drilling and construction engineering, geothermal drilling, municipal engineering and other fields. 




Our products range covers:

1. Down the hole(DTH) hammer and bit,

2. Drill pipe(drill rod)

3. Casing system

4. Tricone bit,PDC bit,Steel tooth bit

5. Top hammer rock drilling tools(thread button bit, drill rod, shank adapter)

6. Small hole drilling tools(tapered button bit, tapered drill rod, plug hole integral drill rod, integral drill rod),and other rock drilling tools that are widely used in mining, tunneling, quarrying, water well, anchoring,transportation construction, pile foundation, and civil engineering projects etc.



Could you provide the service of private label and customized packing?

Yes, we offer many resources to our clients. From full label design, custom packaging, and marketing to ingredient procurement, mixing and encapsulation.

Q1: What's your delivery time?

A: 15 days to produce, within 3 days if in stock.

Q2: What's methods of payments are accepted?

A: We agree T/T , L/C, West Union ,Money Gram ,Paypal.

Q3: What about the shipments and package?

A: 40' container for 2 sets, 20' container for 1 set,

Machine in nude packing, spare parts in standard export wooden box.

Q4: Have you got any certificate?

A: We have got ISO,CE certificate, SGS.

Q5: How to control the quality?

A: We will control the quality by ISO and CE requests.

Q6: Do you have after-sale service and warranty service ?

A: Yes, we have.We can supply instruction for operation and maintenance.If necessary, we can send our engineer to repair the machine in your company.

Warranty is one year for the machine.

Q7: Can I trust your company ?

A: Our company has been certificated by Chinese government, and verified by Ali baba Trade Assurance. 100% refund of the Trade

Assurance Amount .Alibaba can guarantee all of you payment. Just order from us.

8. What is the website about your factory?

A: Our website is: www.roschen.com 

Email:  roschen@roschen.com ; roschen@roschen.net 

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