RC Drilling 17 1/2" 537 TCI Tricone Drill Bit, Rock Drill Bit for reverse circulation flushing drilling

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Tricone bit 20 inch for RC Drilling



RC Drilling 20" 537 TCI Tricone Drill Bit, Rock Drill Bit for reverse circulation flushing drilling

RC Tricone bit is short for Reverse circulation tricone bit.

Reverse circulation drilling is different from regular circulation drilling,we have compared them in previous blog(Reverse circulation PDC bit VS Regular circulation PDC bit).

In center of RC tricone bit,there is big through hole. 

Tricone Bits Specification
Regular SizesRegular IADCAPI Reg PinMake-up Torque(N.m)
3 7/8"(98.4mm)126/216/517/537/6372 3/84100~4700
4 5/8"(117.4mm)126/216/517/537/6372 7/86100~7500
5 1/2"(139.7mm)126/216/517/537/617/6373 1/29500~12200
5 5/8"(142.8mm)126/216/517/537/617/6373 1/29500~12200
5 7/8"(149.2mm)126/216/517/537/617/6373 1/29500~12200
6"(152.4mm)126/127/216/517/537/617/6373 1/29500~12200
6 1/4"(158.7mm)126/127/216/517/537/617/6373 1/29500~12200
6 1/2"(165mm)126/127/216/517/537/617/6373 1/29500~12200
7 1/2"(190mm)126/216/517/537/6374 1/216300~21700
7 5/8"(193mm)126/216/517/537/6374 1/216300~21700
7 7/8"(200mm)126/216/517/537/6374 1/216300~21700
8 1/2"(215.9mm)117/127/217/437/517/537/617/6374 1/216300~21700
9 1/2"(241.3mm)117/127/217/437/517/537/617/6376 5/838000~43400
9 7/8"(250.8mm)117/127/217/437/517/537/617/6376 5/838000~43400
10 5/8(269.8mm)117/127/137/217/517/537/617/6376 5/838000~43400
11 5/8(295.3mm)117/127/137/217/517/537/617/6376 5/838000~43400
12 1/4"(311.1mm)114/127/217/437/517/537/617/6376 5/838000~43400
13 5/8"(346.0mm)127/217/517/537/617/637/737/8376 5/838000~43400
14 3/4"(374.6mm)127/217/517/537/617/637/737/8377 5/846100~54200
17 1/2"(444.5mm)114/115/125/215/515/535/537/615/6357 5/846100~54200
20''(508.0mm)114/115/125/215/515/535/537/6157 5/846100~54200
22''(558.8mm)114/115/125/215/515/535/537/6157 5/846100~54200
24''(609.6mm)114/115/125/215/515/535/537/6157 5/846100~54200
26"(660.4mm)114/115/125/215/515/535/537/6157 5/846100~54200


1. Is your company a distributor or a manufacturer?

A: Yes, We are a professional Rock Bits manufacturer.


2. How about your products?

A: All our activities are accredited to ISO 9001:2008, both in products and services, at the same time, mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request. We have many high quality  prducts (www.roschen.com , www.roschen.net) . 


3. what is the Packaging & Delivery?

A: We used high quality export carton or standard export woodern case


4. what is the time about the delivery?  

A: repared to deliver within 1 week, if in stock.

Depends on order quantity, when out of stock, 7-30 days

Transportation: By sea or air


5. How to order the products?

A: Send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number. If there is no packing demand we take it as sea-way packing. If possible please attach one reference picture to avoid any misunderstanding or any links from our website for we get a better understanding.


6. What is the website about your factory?

A: Our website is: www.roschen.com 

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